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I.Y.B. Consultants is a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP) that provides computer and management related services covering all areas of today's economy, including custom software, network management and web design. We service business, government, and human services organizations.

"Improve Your Business" is committed to doing exactly as our name implies. Companies are often divided into services or divisions, that rather than work together, operate as separate silos. I.Y.B. specializes in tying those services or divisions together in a high tech seamless solution. We improve communications and the flow of information to enable companies to act as one.

I.Y.B.'s success in the highly competitive computer software industry in Canada is due to its willingness to embrace the future. The company has earned a reputation for developing leading edge technologies that enhance performance and productivity. The principal and management of I.Y.B. are visionaries with strong industry contacts. We have the commitment and the know-how to deliver products to our clients and ensure that systems implemented do exactly what they are intended to do?