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Unhappy with your current
scrap yard software?
Are you ready to try
something new?

Take the ScrapIT Challenge

What is the ScrapIT Challenge?

The ScrapIT challenge is for anyone already running scrap yard management software. If you think it is too complicated to switch or too much of a hassle, we invite you to take the challenge.

We will come to your yard and install ScrapIT, doing our best to work with your existing hardware to minimize costs for a deposit of $5,000.

After 30 days, you decide.

Love It & Ready to Move Forward with ScrapIT? We will apply your deposit to the ScrapIT version of your choice and as a thank you bonus we will give you a discount off the ScrapIT Package of your choosing.

Didn’t Love It After 30 days? We will refund your $5,000 deposit minus any travel costs and a flat fee of $1,000.

Come take the ScrapIT Challenge

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